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Dr. Arturo E Marchand Jr

Cardiologist / Cardiovascular Disease
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Advanced Cardiovascular Care
4275 S. Burnham St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Overall score given by 021807 on 03/14/08


021807 edited this scorecard on 05/27/08

*************THE KEEPER OF MY HEART  ***************
I was referred to Dr. Marchand by my primary physician Dr. Robert A. Gaimaro. Dr. Marchand is an angel & one of the most caring doctors I've dealt with, aside of my primary physician! This is my first time seeing a cardiologist, so I was a bit nervous. Dr. Marchand's bed-side manner is wonderful! He is gracious and far from intimidating. He has a very caring and comforting demeanor about him that inspires you to trust him. He genuinely cares about my needs & also respects my time by providing me the utmost, undivided attention! I felt very special :) He is exceptionally knowledgeable & he also speaks fluent Spanish, which I love!
He will always be the keeper of my heart!
Eva V.

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