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Dr. Andrew Yun

Santa Monica, California

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Hip And Pelvis Institute Of St. John
2001 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 1090
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Overall Score
as rated by skibob
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Overall score given by skibob on 11/18/12


2012 I had my total right hip replacement sx 8/12 and it has been an incredible experience.  Dr. Yun gets all 10's in all categories.  His staff is top notch and office is very busy but organized. I need the left side replaced and have no reservations or fear of the procedure and outcome.  I'm a 59 year old dentist who is very active in surfing, snow skiing and tennis. I surf year-round and it was by far the most painfulactivity to do at the level I do....been surfing since 1968. I ski at an expert level who loves the steeps. and am a 4.0 tennis player.   I could not sit down doing my dental procedures for 5 years leading up to the sx because of the deep joint pain. I was a standing dentist like the 'Old School DDS'   I found this doable as my staff tolerated standing up to an hour.  If longer, then they substituted in.  I would stand the whole time.  Tired feet was just accepted as it was the only way I could keep working.  With the spinal anesthesia and Propfol sedation I was on my feet 4 hours after the sx as outlined in the hip sx primer Dr. Yun gives you after the consult.  I went home 48 hours after the sx and was driving my car on the 4th day post sx. I did not use a walker past the first day home and a cane just got in the way after the 3rd day,  so borrow these as you won't need them very long.  I knew almost the 1st week home that with very little joint pain and already a larger range of motion of the leg outward than pre sx,  I made a good decision to get it done. The sx was really the only way to continue in an active life as I walked like I had a broken foot for the first 20 steps after getting out of my car or from sitting for more than 10 minutes.  After 11 weeks I'm playing tennis, surfing and sitting at work w/o pain.  I'm looking forward to using my season pass at Mammoth and ripping at 85 %, held back only by my left hip.  I'm scheduling that sx after the 2013 ski season.  It is 1/2 the pain of the rt side and I'm not going to wait this time.  I waited 4 months too long....blew the whole summer of surfing.  You get to a point where you don't miss it 'cause of the payback in pain. That's wasting time.  B DDS

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