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Dr. Andrew Krumerman

New York, New York

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New York, NY

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as rated by donewithquacks
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Overall score given by donewithquacks on 03/08/17


Not given Dr. Krumerman failed to check the dosage on my medicine, another cardiologist found and corrected his error. He failed to find I had angina caused by
overmedication, an ENDOCRINOLOGIST found this error, for Pete's sake. He failed to answer his emails. He repeatedly downplayed the seriousness
of my symptoms. When he told me my afib was not bad enough to warrent serious heart medication, I told him that when I was sitting I did not feel ill but movement
caused my heartrate to spike. This was an easily verifyable symptom, but Dr. Krumerman did not bother with it. Dr. Krumerman is polite but completely patronizing.

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