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Dr. Alon Seifan

Psychiatrist / Neurologist
Oakland Park, Florida

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The Neuro Well
3469 North Dixie Highway
Oakland Park, FL 33334

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Overall score given by Sunnierain on 05/14/17


2017 Dr. Seifan is very attentive to my needs and paid close attention to me and my illnesses to see how he can correct them in the best way possible. Dr. Seifan and his staff are very caring professionals. What I liked most about Dr. Seifan is that he actually gives his patients his true cell phone number so he's always able to be contacted. And also there are open on the weekends so it makes it so convenient for patients that can't get there  during business hours because they are working. So my all arounmerating  for Dr. Seifan and his staff is a 10 for sure. He was recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends.

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