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Dr. Alan Goldenberg

Riverhead, New York

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East End Endocrine Associates
189 Main Rd
Riverhead, NY 11901

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Overall score given by screamin on 06/04/08


1 responses to this scorecard

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Not given Stay away people!! First off the staff can't receive a referal right. You are seeing a specialist for a thyroid disorder.They do not check your temperature?That the first thing you do in this situation.My wife has been sick for 10 years with this. We took his name from the top doctors book.HE SHOULD BE BARRED!He is a cocky and arrogant we had  to see 3 people before he made his grand entrance.Who is he king faruk! my wife has all the symptoms of hypo. we had recent blood work that had an incomplete thyroid panel. just tsh and t4.we waited 2 hrs in the room to have him tell us that her blood looked fine and she should see a rehumatologist!What  you are not going to draw blood  to check your own and make your diagnosis.?We have been reafing everything on thyroid that is imaginable. my wife has been in and ot of the hospital for 2 months with weakness fatigue shortness of breath wide spread muscle pain that is centered in the chest area!This so called doctor looks at the so called inconclusive blood work and says that it is not a thyroid issue.Her tsh is 1.75(should be 1 or lower.This shows hypo symptoms at these numbers)  and her free t4 is .80 this is low it should be at the top of the range not at the bottom
ferritin is .80. (Ferritin is  iron storage this should be about 100 this helps the thyroid) with no free t3 was sampled from the lab.So i tell him that we do not have the t3 levels and he should check it.He says that the body converts t4 to t3 so there is no problem.He does not treat people that are under 2.0! my wife has been on t4 meds since radioactive iodine 10 years ago.She switched to armour recently for a month but was having palpatations but the pain was diminishing.Went back on her levoxle 125. and the pain came back with a vengance so there is  a coralation with this.Maybe she had to raise it slower.When asked about this he said that t3 is dangerous and he does not prescribe it.t4 is all you need.Then the next breath he states that he gives it to cancer
patients  to get there levels up.Contradicting. So we went there and wasted our wife was so upset she started to cry in the office begging for help.This miserable person just stood there with no expression .! l Litteraly blacked out with rage and was ready to choke this poor excuse for a human being! We are not stupid we went here with many years of information to back us.Please If you or some one you Know is recommended to see him Do not he is insensitive and is a poor doctor!. No temperature no blood work no answers ! Try's to pawn you off on other doctors and trys to insinuate to you to take paxil.This is not a mental issue people this is real pain!! Athyroid doctor that does not want to treat a patient and not take his own tests. Terrible Terrible! I give him  a negative 500 lose his name and number. I will be posting this all over the web that i can.Worst doctor i have ever delt with no conscience !

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This scorecard was voted helpful +0 times

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Responses to screamin's scorecard

Comments by harry on 02/03/09, 2:41 pm

If you are so knowlegable why go to a doctor at all you seem to have all the answers before walking in the door so why go to someone if you are not willing to listen. I guess what he should do is let you tell him what to do then he can just write your wife's prescriptions and that would make you happy why don't you become an endocrinologist then you can take of the problem the trouble today is people like you with a little knowledge off the internet think you know everything. I hope you find some quack who will listen to you and give you what you want. My father has been seeing Dr. goldenberg for 8 years and has always gotten the BEST care.

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