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Dr. Ahmad Sedehi

Cliffside Park, New Jersey

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Cliffside Dental
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

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as rated by ikapcia
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Overall score given by ikapcia on 05/14/12


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Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with my vist at dr.Sedehi's office. I was told what needs to be done and what the approximate cost will be. I was told by the nurse that first butchered my gums with the devise that they put in your mouth to take X ray pictures, that I have 3 teeth that need filling and need cleaning (which was the reason for the visit: annual check-up and cleaning). The dentist ended up filling 4 of my teeth, as apparently there was 4 not 3 teeth that needed it and did major cleaning. I was fine with all that; although, i did feel weird about how rough he was with my teeth and payed the difference. For the next three days my gums were hurting me a lot, were swollen and bleeding and got dark color, especially around the areas were the dental work was done. Because the pain was not receding, on the fourth day, I decided to call dr. A.Sedehi's office and explain that my gums are hurting and bleeding and that I think that I need to see the doctor. I was scheduled to come the very same day, which was very accommodating; however, after I was sat in the dental chair the doctor came and asked if there is something wrong with my bite. When I replied 'no',  and described in detail what problem I was experiencing, the doctor seems to be completely uninterested and was clearly suggesting that unless I had a problem with the way the fillings fit, gums are not really his responsibility....
after a rather heated conversation, were I was trying to explain that I am in big pain that is not receding since my visit and that i waited three days before even contacting him to see if anything changes, he said that I can swoosh my moth with salt water. I replied that I have already done that. The doctor suggested giving me painkillers that i said I have at home and thank him very much for. Finally, he suggested antibiotic, which solution i welcomed. However, how it turned out later when the pharmacist asked if I am allergic to anything and I replied 'penicillin'- which I did stated in the forms that I had to fill out before seeing the doctor- the antibiotic was penicillin based......, they had to cll and have him change the prescription..... 
My gums are doing better now, after a week but I would not recommend this dentist to anyone.

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