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Veterinarian (animal doctor)
Maitland, Florida

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Affiliated Veterinary Specialists
9905 South U.S. Highway 17-92
Maitland, FL 32751

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1 responses to this scorecard
Overall Score
as rated by jorge8869
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by jorge8869 on 08/30/12


1 responses to this scorecard

2012 Never have I ever experience the love care and understanding of a Hospital such as AVS in Maitland. My first contact when I was referred to AVS was with Linsey she has the voice of an Angel and trutly listen to me when we first talked and what help I needed to take care of my Haze. Linsey if you are reading this as well thank you so much my tears have not stopped and as I type I can not stop. YOU made the difference and we very happy to have chosen AVS as our provider for care to our wonderful Haze thank you. We can not express all the words to find for the service and attention that was given to all of us and the most important was the level of treatment Haze received you are all Angel's. Thank you Dr. Weatbrook for treating us as people and going over everything step by step thank you Dr. Westbrook for being caring understanding and most of all the LOVE you have for your job Haze saw this in you and so did we thank you. Thank you Dr.Laslo for the level of service and kindness YOU also give our family and the treatment and care of our little girl Haze she also saw this in you as well. Thank you to all the staff members who did the x-rays and the ultrasound on Haze. If their was a chance to save Haze deep in our hearts we knew AVS was the place to go. Our Haze fought a good fight and was over taken we all tried but it was her time and we did not want to see her suffer or in anymore pain, Haze gave us 12 years that we will never forget and those around her who knew Haze and took care of her from time to time were sadden and losted for words by her passing. She was a very big part of our family now she will be a part of AVS family as well. Tahk you AVS for everything and thank you so much for trying. With sadness and much love George Iris and Jack Vazquez what to say thank you for everything we did try. I just wish their was a HUMAN hospital Just like AVS with the doctors and the staff. Thank you AVS for all you did for Haze and us we are very grateful to all who were involved with her care.

My Little Girl Haze

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Responses to jorge8869's scorecard

Comments by caveatemptor on 10/10/12, 12:48 pm

Here's another point of view on AVS:

  • Review from

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    Deltona, FL

    1.0 star rating

    False Hope. Whoever owns this joint is a credit to his wallet. I took my beloved 13 y.o. Maine Coon here two days ago, on the advice of my primary vet. They found lymphoma but told my wife they could deal with it, and maybe, he'd live a year to a year and a half. Later, I learned, chemotherapy to prolong his life would be $5000. This morning we paid over $1300. By the time we got him home, he looked like he was dying. I was alarmed. He was salivating profusely, so we called AVS back. They suggested we bring him back in. It sounded like a high calcium level to them. After an hour of replacing fluids, he was absolutely no better. They said they needed to keep him 3 nights to the tune of $1500 dollars. We said no thanks, and they charged us $318 more freakin dollars. I paid them fast because I wanted to get out of there quickly. I was sure they were going to turn me upside down and shake the change loose from my pockets. GOD knows what they would have done if they found out that I had gold in my teeth. After seeing 3 different vets, including this butcher, I have no confidence in local veterinarians. If I had to do it all over again, I'd take my beloved cat to the Small Animal Hospital @ University Of Florida, in Gainesville. PEOPLE, WISE UP! DON'T BE A CHUMP LIKE ME AND SUCKER FOR YOUR PET'S TREATMENT AT THIS ANIMAL DEATH CAMP. Don't be talked into things when you are at the height of your emotions. If your primary vet advises you to go to AVS, FIRE THEM!!!! I'm devastated and nearlly broke. Tomorrow morning I have to put my precious cat to sleep because he is suffering so. Thank you, AVS for all your wonderful expertise. Shame on whoever owns AVS, and shame on all your fancy shmancy vet doctors who defraud the public with their mock concern. I curse the day I found you!

  • Review from

    Orlando, FL

    1.0 star rating

    I brought my dog here for allergy problems. I was referred by my local vet because supposedly they are the only ones in town. I would not recommend. From the start i got the distinct feeling that they are out to prey on people's emotions and collect a check. Before you even walk in the door they are having you spend $500 so some tech can 'see' your dog and then they give you a bottle of shampoo, some topical lotion and pamphlets about buying a full body dog suit. Thats it. Then you have to go for a follow up for another couple hundred. Then they recommend to do a skin scrape or allergy test for another couple hundred. Of course the findings are inconclusive. I have given up. They have to pay for this nice facility and they do it by charging outrages up front fees and then having you come back in time and time again with no actual results

    I rec you find somewhere else. You will see other reviewers commenting on the same problem with the up front fees. not just on yelp.

  • Review from

    Dartmouth, NS

    1.0 star rating

    AVS - Not a place to bring your beloved pet.

    Our family did not have a good experience with this veterinary clinic.

    Unfortunately, we have an awesome dog with an eating disorder. He gets blockages from trying to eat socks.
    Have surgeries to remove the socks has caused adhesions on his intestines.

    We were recommended by our vet in Florida to go to this clinic. It was the worst recommendation ever.

    Our dog had recently had surgery when we brought him in. He was not improving after having his intestines operated on.

    When we first came into AVS we were coolly greeted by the receptionist and given the run down on payment. Our dog was swiftly taken to triage without explanation. We then met an internist named Dr. Theresa Goodson in a cold, stark room. She explained that our dog was clearly dying and needed fluids along with a large number of tests.

    They gave us a low and high estimate. Before starting the tests you must pay the low estimate. By the way. At this clinic a VERY small amount of fluids is $60 bucks alone. Don't get me started on X-rays.

    A few thousand dollars later.

    She told us that our dog was clearly too much of a mess inside and he should be euthanized. Dr. Goodson said  that if we elected to have the surgery (at a cost of at least 6 grand) he would probably only have a 10% chance to live.

    We called the previous Floridian vet. And explained that there was a sock in his intestines. And that they said it was most likely inoperable.

    Our Floridian vet had us bring our dog to her. At no charge.

    Dr. Theresa Goodson at AVS told us we were being irrational and that our dog would probably not survive the trip.

    Our good Florida vet (Dr. Kathryn Fell at Atlantic Vet Clinic) performed the surgery... for FREE because of our troubles. It was a short and EASY surgery- and our dog THAT NIGHT walked out on his own.

    AVS would rather have had us euthanize our dog than save his life.

    I would never trust my pet's life in the hands of these people. I was completely shocked.

  • Review from

    Winter Park, FL

    4.0 star rating

    If you have a sick pet, a really sick pet, then you know how stressful things can get. Especially if you are dealing with an advanced illness or something serious that is just getting diagnosed.  I've had two pets receive surgery and treatments through AVS and both were treated with expertise and care.  

    AVS worked in tandem with my regular vet with one pet, keeping my vet up to date and working on a plan of treatment that kept my pet comfortable and healthy.  

    Sitting in the lobby, you see all walks of life and all manner of pets with various problems. The reception staff, vet techs and Dr.'s that I met and that treated my pets were professional, compassionate and did the best that they could for us. In the case when difficult decisions had to be made, I appreciated the honesty and compassion of the Dr.'s who informed us that further treatment would not be effective or good for my beloved pet.

    The AVS facility performs many specialized surgical procedures that many area vets are not equipped to treat, as well as houses specialists of every kind.

    While I hope that you won't need these advanced services for you pets, if the need ever arises, you should contact them without hesitation.

  • Review from

    Altamonte Springs, FL

    2.0 star rating

    After an unfortunate incident with a Great Dane my 15 pound Shih-Tzu  had to be taken to AVS, by recommendation of my vet, for a broken jaw. The fractures were too intensive for my vet to handle so he referred me to AVS.

    Upon arrival I was greeted somewhat cordially. However, I waited for an extensive period of time in both the waiting room and the examination room. When the doctor finally arrived I was informed that my dog would need to have surgery to have his jaw wired. And that this surgery would cost me a total of $2500.00. 75% of that to be paid that day so they would admit him. A lot of money but how could I not get my dog's jaw broken.

    Well for that sum of money one would think that they'd fix it correctly. However, to this day I've had multiple vets tell me that his jaw never healed correctly. You can tell just by looking at him. His jaw lines up crooked and he still favors one side of his jaw.

    I'm grateful that we have the facilities and capabilities to keep our beloved pets alive and healthy longer but for the amount of money those leaches suck out of you they should at least do the best job possible and fix the broken pieces better. I hope I never have to return there again.

  • Review from

    Lake Mary, FL

    5.0 star rating
    11/17/2011 4 Check-ins Here

    I have only used the dermatology side, but I love Dr. Schwassman.  She has been great with my dog.  My dog Tigger has had allergies and be on various regimens for a a year before my old vet told to try AVS.  Since I have being seeing them my dog has done so much better.  My dog is 14 and Dr. Schwassman is helping me give him the best possible quality of life.

  • Review from

    Apopka, FL

    4.0 star rating
    10/6/2008 2 photos 1 Check-in Here

    This is a veterinary facility with doctors specializing in fields like internal medicine, neurology, dermatology and ophthalmology. I have used the facility's internal specialists and dermatologists.

    The staff is very knowledgeable and thorough. This is the only veterinarian I have ever seen who periodically calls just to check on my dog. They work with top of the line diagnostics to help determine the best treatments and even offered cutting edge treatments still in the trial stages.

    I also had to use the internists when my other dog came down with a sudden unexplained illness and spent the weekend at the emergency vet up the street. Even though it was a terminal disease the staff was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt like we were seeing the best Orlando has to offer. These specialists are not cheap, and I believe most people are referred here from their primary vet. Still, it is reassuring to know that there are professionals like these in the Orlando area.

  • Review from

    Orlando, FL

    4.0 star rating

    I've had many dogs treated by AVS, and I think they are the best specialists in Central Florida, bar none.  Might be the best specialists in Florida.  One dog had successful cataract surgery.  One had glaucoma, and Dr. Dennis preserved her sight for seven years.  

    Our lab had bone cancer.  Dr. Goodson was kind but frank from day one.  She laid out the alternative courses of treatment without ever holding out false hope.  She looked me in the eye and said 'I will not put your dog through a treatment that is worse than the disease.'  We spent what was necessary to buy him the most time with a good quality of life.  It wasn't cheap, but we got one more Christmas and enjoyed the time we had.

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    3 responses to this scorecard
    Overall Score
    as rated by cg87
    Year of Treatment
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    Overall score given by cg87 on 07/22/12


    3 responses to this scorecard

    This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

    2009 My wife and I decided to get a new puppy, a few days of having him we realized he was sick.  We took him to AVS and he ended up having to stay for 10 days. Everyone there was very helpful and  supportive. Once we got him back he had a little recovery time and now is doing GREAT!  I don't know what we would have done without AVS!

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    Responses to cg87's scorecard

    Comments by caveatemptor on 07/23/12, 9:13 am

    I'm so happy that your experience, unlike that of myself and many others, was a positive one.  If you look on the internet, on other sites as well as this one, you will see that others have taken the time to speak of their horrific experiences with this AVS.  .  You will also see that a  veterinarian actually wrote a column telling vets to solicit positive reviews to attempt to negate the negative ones.  The veterinarian/author even went so far as to mention the websites on which reviews should be posted.   Not saying that your review was solicited, but since a veterinarian who used to work for AVS actually wrote his own review, one must consider all possibilities. 
       Here is the link to the article soliciting positive reviews:

    What was the problem with your puppy?  Was it something serious or routine?   Glad your pup got good care and hope that he lives a very long and healthy life with you and your wife.  Count your blessings.  I wish Peach had gotten the same level of care as your pup did.

    Comments by cg87 on 07/23/12, 7:51 pm

    It was serious, our puppy had Parvo. He would not be here today without them.

    Comments by caveatemptor on 07/25/12, 7:51 pm

    I'm so happy for you that they were able to recognize Parvo, as they sure had no clue regarding a gastric ulcer.   I'm puzzled as to why your regular vet didn't handle your pup's illness. as Parvo is not some 'rare' illness that is untreatable, if recognized..    At any rate, I am just happy that you had a good outcome and that your pup received the care that he needed.  That is what I expected for Peach, and what she , sadly, did not get, in our opinion.  Give your pup an extra hug for me and cherish every day you have with him. 

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    Overall Score
    as rated by JMD
    Year of Treatment
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    Overall score given by JMD on 05/04/12


    2012 We highly recommend AVS. This is a hospital of the highest caliber. The extremely professional staff, from the front desk to administration, from doctors to vet techs, deals with very sick pets and highly emotional owners in a caring and compassionate way. They understand how stressful it is for owners in this situation and go out of their way to ease any concerns or fears that owners might have. We cannot thank them enough for the excellent care our Doberman, Halston, received. He was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome and needed surgery to relieve the pressure on his spine.  Post-surgery, he spent a number of weeks at AVS.  Dr. Smith and her staff in the neurology department took excellent care of him. They not only called us twice daily with updates on his progress, they also called our veterinarian regularly.  They welcomed our daily visits to see Halston even though we’re sure that at times it must have disrupted their very busy schedule. These are very dedicated professionals doing an extremely difficult job and doing it with skill, warmth, and compassion. Even though Halston was discharged and  is now at home, we still hear from AVS to check on his progress and to offer advice and encouragement. As owners we couldn’t possibly ask for more! Our grateful thanks go out to Dr. Smith and her wonderful team.

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    4 responses to this scorecard
    Overall Score
    as rated by STurner
    Year of Treatment
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    Overall score given by STurner on 05/21/11


    4 responses to this scorecard

    This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

    Not given Exactly 4 years ago when our sweet beagle, then only 6 years old, started acting odd and then couldn't use her hind quarters. Our vet sent us to AVS when he couldn't find the cause and our beagle continued to decline steadily in her condition.  We went to Neurolgy and meet Dr. Mary Smith.  All of the staff were wonderful, compassionate and so helpful with our needs.  Dr. Smith was determined not to let this go and researched while keeping our beloved beagle for a month until she figured out the cause.  Our beagle had a rare case called GME.  Basically her immune system was being attacked.  Dr.  Smith saved her life and ours with her diagonsis and care.  Our little girl is now 10 years old.  Because of the great care from AVS and all of it's staff she is running and playing with our new little puppy and we continue to have her with us.  We visit AVS every 4-5 wks for her to get  Cytosine shots which help with her condition.  The staff is always welcoming and wonderful to both our beagle and us.  Last summer she had her a knee muscle tear and the Surgical staff repaired it and did a fantastic job.  They were so great with her and with us.  AVS is like a family and they go to all ends to save or help any animal brought to them.  They are so wonderful with owners and do their best to explain and comfort any animal owner.  They don't see these as just animals but as a family member.  I know they have as many sad outcomes as great ones and I also know they take each to heart but you won't find a more professional, caring staff and doctors as  at AVS for special conditions.  THANKS AVS for giving us 4 great years with Coco and more to come.  We love you all and you will forever be in our hearts, especially Dr. Mary Smith Coco's  guardian angel!  The Turner Family


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    Responses to STurner's scorecard

    Comments by caveatemptor on 05/21/11, 6:01 pm

    It is my hope that that AVS learned from the mistakes and oversights  made with Peach. 
    We had no contact with the neurology dept., or the orthopedic surgeons.  Peach's case was entrusted to the internal medicine dept.  (Dr. Marika Laszlo , who at that time , was not a specialist..check the website to see if she is now)  was primarily in charge of her case) and the intern , Dr. Debbie Meyers, who was also not a specialist..  While I have no opinion on those two depts.  (neurology and orthopedic surgery) with whom you dealt,, we certainly have an opinion of the internal medicine dept., as well as the soft tissue surgeon, Dr. Stacy Madden, who would not even give us the 'privilege' of speaking to her after Peach's surgery.

    I am so pleased for you that the departments with which you dealt  gave your Coco the kind of care that she and every other patient deserves to get, especially at a Specialty Clinic.  I only wish that Peach had been the recipient of that level of care. 

    What you saw and what Coco  experienced was the antithesis of what we saw and what Peach experienced.  I am happy for you, but  we will forever regret having taken Peach to AVS and having trusted those with we entrusted her care and her precious life.

    Comments by caveatemptor on 05/21/11, 8:59 pm

    I thought you might find this article of interest since Coco has been diagnosed and treated for GME.  I hope that Coco lives many more years.

    Advances help in treatment of canine GME; prognosis poor


    Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME) is a relatively common nonsuppurative inflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges. The etiology is unknown.

    Neurological signs of GME may be multifocal or focal, according to the localization of the lesion(s) within the CNS.


    Figure 1: Granulomatous meningoencephalitis. Perivascular cuff of mononuclear cells.

    Behavior abnormalities, seizures, compulsive pacing, circling, or cranial nerve abnormalities may be observed. Choroiditis, retinal detachment, and secondary glaucoma may lead to blindness. Although female terriers, Poodles, and other toy breeds of dogs are predisposed, both sexes of any breed can be affected. Histologically, GME is characterized by the proliferation of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and neutrophils originating from adventitial cells of blood vessels, meninges, and microglia. There may be a proliferation of mononuclear cells around blood vessels which can coalesce and lead to the formation of granulomas (Figure 1).

    Involvement of any locations in the central nervous system (CNS) has been described, either in a diffuse or focal form. Lesions are found mainly in the white matter, although the gray matter and meninges may also be affected. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis may reveal an increased protein level with or without white blood cells of a mixed cell population (Figure 2).

    Focal or multifocal abnormalities may be seen on MR or CT imaging. A definitive diagnosis of GME requires a histopathological examination of the lesion(s) via biopsy, though working diagnosis by exclusion of known infectious causes is often the practical reality.

    Poor to grave prognosis Although corticosteroid therapy may delay the progression of the disease, GME has historically been considered to have a poor to grave prognosis.


    Figure 2: Lymphocytes, monocytes, and macrophages in the cerebrospinal fluid cell of a dog with granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis.

    In 1998, Munana and Luttgen (J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. 1902-1906) reported in a retrospective study that the mean survival time for all dogs with GME was 14 days (range one to 1,215 days). Patients with focal forebrain signs survived longer than those with multifocal signs. Response to therapy with glucocorticosteroids was variable, and in most cases, signs recurred quickly after a brief and partial improvement. Better results were apparently obtained with radiation therapy for focal GME.

    However, radiation therapy is not helpful for diffuse GME. Financial considerations, multiple anesthesias, and side effects associated with radiation therapy make this type of treatment relatively less common.

    Some hope In a recent conference, PA Cuddon and JR Coates (Proceedings, 20th ACVIM Forum, 319-321) describe new adjunctive and/or alternative therapies for GME that may be effective.

    The authors evaluated the effects of cytosine arabinoside and procarbazine in dogs with GME. Cytosine arabinoside (Cytosar-U®) known as ara-C, acts on mitotically active cells by inserting into DNA molecules causing premature chain termination. Ara-C has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and has immunosuppressive effects. The author study demonstrated that the high dose administration of ara-C is associated with cytotoxic concentrations within the CNS. They recommend a subcutaneous injection of ara-C at a dose of 50 mg/meters2 twice daily for two consecutive days (2003 cost ² $ 6 per 5 ml solution @ 20 mg/ml). This regimen is repeated initially every three weeks. Myelosuppression may occur.

    A CBC should be performed 10-14 days after the first course of cytosine therapy, and then once every two to three months. For better therapeutic results, cytosine therapy is usually combined with prednisone (1 mg/kg orally, BID). Prednisone is reduced after the second round of cytosine injections. Cytosine has been occasionally used as a sole agent in some dogs with GME.

    Procarbazine (Matulane®) is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor that alkylates DNA and affects RNA and protein synthesis. This substance also crosses the blood brain barrier and shows promise in the treatment of GME.

    Due to the small size of dogs with GME, procarbazine should be compounded into a liquid. The authors recommend a 10 mg/ml oil based liquid (the expiration date is 30 days). Procarbazine is administered orally at a dose of 25 to 50 mg/meters2/day. Procarbazine can sometimes cause neurotoxicity, but myelosuppression (thrombocytopenia, leukopenia) seems to be the major limiting factor.

    The CBC should be checked once a week for the first month, then monthly thereafter. After the first month of treatment, the authors suggest reducing the frequency of the dose to every other day. The use of these potent medications may also be considered to reduce side effects in dogs particularly sensitive to corticosteroid therapy.

    Comments by caveatemptor on 08/06/11, 9:52 am

    In light of a review that  I wrote on 'Angie's List', I urge everyone to look at the following blog, written by a vet, soliciting positive reviews to 'tip the balance.'  The timing of this blog, as well as the fact that Angie's List is listed as the number one site, is very interesting. 


    Comments by caveatemptor on 08/06/11, 10:00 am

    How about you? Do you read reviews? Do you ever write one? Help shift the balance and get your veterinarian to enjoy reading his or her online reviews by writing one or two right now. Here’s a list of the Top 25 Veterinarian Review Sites. (Thanks to


    Angie’s List: Use this linked page to find a city near you and to read about all the vets listed in or near that city. Angie’s List has reliable reviews on veterinarians across the U.S.

    Best Veterinarian Review
    : This website is devoted to veterinarian reviews. They think veterinarian reviews from actual clients (and their pets) are the best way to see what a vet office is really like before visiting.

    Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Directory — Veterinarians
    : This Accredited Business Directory is a listing of BBB Accredited veterinarians in Wisconsin, who have all agreed to a set of high standards in their business practices. If you live in another state, simply search for 'BBB Business Review Veterinarians' and the name of your state.

    Book of Doctors — Veterinarian
    : This doctor directory lists veterinarians nationwide and displays information such as address, phone number, accepted insurance plans, office hours, education, parking type, doctor’s hobbies, awards, etc.

    California Veterinary Medical Board
    : The mission of the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) is to protect consumers and animals through development and maintenance of professional standards, licensing of veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and premises, and diligent enforcement of the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

    Dexknows Veterinarians
    : Find vets by state and by metro areas in this vast search engine and rating machine. Dexknows is run by a NYSE company that offers marketing solutions to companies and local businesses.

    Find a Veterinarian
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    Insider Pages Veterinarians
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    Pet Services Review
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    : PETCO offers a format where readers can make reviews about everything from vets to food to bedding. The cat and dog reviews receive the most attention, with over 29,000 reviews for dogs and over 12,000 reviews for cats.

    Precious Pet Vets
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    Rate and Review Your Bird’s Veterinarian
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    Rate it all Veterinarian
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    Search for a Veterinarian
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    USA Veterinarians
    : Business listings are reviewed by professional editors, and many of the businesses listed include opening times, payment methods, maps and directions, website links, photos, reviews and coupons. Their editorial team makes great efforts to evaluate the existence and accuracy of each company profile and reviews.

    Viewpoints Veterinarian Reviews
    : Some of these reviews have nothing to do with vets, but they do have a lot to do with veterinarians and their careers. If you’re seeking a specific veterinarian, you’ll need to do a page search for your state or specific location.

    Vet Ratingz
    : Learn more about your vet through the forum, and check out the top rated vets across the country. This site was created to help consumers find the best veterinarians by sharing information and ratings, and to give people a 'scorecard' on how they are doing.

    Vet Reviews Online
    : Vet Reviews Online is here to help you choose the ideal vet for you and your pet. They try to make the site personal and truly care about what you, as a pet owner, want in a vet. You must register before you can use the site or read the reviews. This site also has a Facebook page.

    Veterinarian Pages
    : Veterinarian Pages is a resource that allows you to find information about veterinarians in your area. Consumers can locate veterinary based practices, search directories, research services, obtain maps and directions, and much more.

    Veterinarian Review
    : Review your pet’s doctor and learn from other pet owners about their vets.

    Veterinarian Reviews Now
    : You can learn about vets in your neck of the woods here, an online resource for finding great veterinarian reviews from people with pets who have gone to visit them.

    : enables you to find Veterinarians in your area. Start your search by entering a zip code, then read or write reviews about local vets.

    Yelp! Veterinarians
    : This link leads to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, vets, but all you need to do is find the same topic in your city or region to learn about local vets and see their ratings.

    ZipperPages Veterinarians
    : Drill down through this database to find vets by state and then by city. Many have not yet been rated or reviewed. This site provides information, reviews and ratings, maps and driving directions for thousands of vets nationwide.

    : At Zootoo, you can check out the cutest photo galleries and videos from pet lovers like you, have fun with quizzes and games, and get valuable information about your pet’s health and care.



    Dr. Patty Khuly



    Pic of the day: Happy Ginger by Noël Zia Lee

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    COMMENTS (23)
    by boehmec on 08/02/2011 05:39am

    I'm stunned that there are 25 sites on which to review veterinarians. I can't imagine having to/needing to sift thru all that to manage one's practice's image!

    by FinickyFelineFido on 08/02/2011 06:02am

    Un-Moderated reviews are very stressful to read, correct, or if downright fraudulent pursue legal options against when they are post anonymously. Some search engines actually do not provide any recourse for the business owner at all...other than getting good customers/clients to deluge the search engine with good reviews.

    There are several online services that can help manage your online reputation as well if you have the money to pay for them. and Online Reputation Manager. So this also demonstrates your vet business is not the only business 'fighting' the spam of false negative reviews. Sheesh...companies are actually making money off of dealing with this issue.

    That said, I look at the reviews provided by these sources with a grain of salt. Both because the system can so easily be skewed and thereby making the all the reviews questionable. Anonymous negative reviews are simply not considered. This is because the business owner was never given the chance to make things right or the review is false. If they are posting a factual negative review, there is no reason to hide behind a computer screen.

    im a big fan of reviews
    by wickets on 08/02/2011 06:14am

    the www rocks. for the price one pays for care why should vets be any different than cars, tvs, travel, furniture etc etc,? all this to say: rate away! and btw, why should anyone go out of their way to please a vet with a rating? what do they do to deserve such deference?

    by wickets on 08/02/2011 01:05pm

    this is a p.s. I was just over at an app store and suddenly realized how happy you must be to be a vet....those techies are a tough crowd....and the reviews are for items that for the most part cost a buck or two, lots are for free. I saw one app with 97000....all the vets in america combined dont have that many reviews LOL anyway, next time you are feeling bad about a bad review just thank your lucky stars you dont programme for a living!!!!!

    by TheOldBroad on 08/02/2011 06:35am

    It's true that an unhappy client is much more likely to post a review than a happy client.

    I found a particularly negative review of the clinic I use (I think it was YELP). They didn't like the people at the front desk, they didn't like the techs and they really didn't like the vet. I know from over a decade of experience it couldn't possibly be true on all counts. I even hesitate to believe any of it was true.

    I think there are some people who can't be pleased regardless of the circumstances and we need to remember than when reading online reviews where anyone can post anything they wish.

    I try to post reviews when I'm particularly pleased with a service or product. However, don't get me started on windows salesmen. :-)

    by wikith on 08/02/2011 06:45am

    Uggggh I didn't know about most of those. I am now resisting looking them up.

    Last time I looked up reviews for my hospital most were from before I worked there or specifically referenced other doctors, but one was directed at me (not by name, but by description) from a client who at her heart was just upset that she got declined for Care Credit and couldn't afford treatment without it. It was brutal, though, and made me feel like crap. I try not to even look anymore - constructive criticism I can take, but I deal poorly with angry ranting.

    negative reviews
    by BarbaraA on 08/02/2011 08:51am

    I think people are wising up to the review scene, especially when it was publicized that Yelp was asking for money to remove negative reviews and insider pages will often remove them too.

    Then you have the 'professional reviewers' that sit down and type up positives all over the country in one sitting. And of course there are the new companies such as 'Reputation Defender' that try to bury all kinds of negatives.

    Two more sites to add that do keep postings: and docterscorecard

    Having the experience of posting only 'one egregious incident' on various review sites, and my own detailed web site to last forever, it could be the way of the future for some to simply post their own blog/site.

    I have never, nor ever will, hide behind an alias , because that diminishes credibility too. As far as 'glowing reporting'? I've thought about that, but really, isn't that what a professional or business should automatically provide?

    It should be noted that if you speak/write the truth, present the facts, libel and defamation threats are simply that--- as my unsuccessful 'defendants' found with the libel counter-suit, even in a State with no Anti-SLAPP legislation.

    I do have a 'troll' following me around, so I won't be surprised to read an appearance or comment on this blog

    Pocket's Story from NH

    Vet Reviews
    by WOWHAVS on 08/02/2011 09:37am

    Thank You for all these sites! I happened upon one (don't remember which one) and saw a negative review of my fabulous vet where I used to live and to whom I drove 6 hours to be near when I had puppies! I wrote a fabulous review, which he deserves over and over again and now can go write on all the other sites!
    When I moved out of that State, this particular vet gave me a few tips in finding a good vet. He suggested the following:
    Visit unannounced and ask for a tour of the facility.
    If you approve, make an appointment for a nail-clipping.
    If a tech does the clipping, the vet's ego is too big.
    If the vet does the clipping, pick his/her brain for
    what is important to you.
    Ask about fees for common procedures, i.e., vaccines, spay/neuters, etc. to be sure you can afford this vet.

    Still searching for a good and 'honest' vet here, my house is for sale, and I will move near one!
    I had a potential employer tell me that he didn't check my references because he doesn't know any of those people and, therefore, doesn't know what 'outstanding' means to them.......

    by Deed on 08/02/2011 01:01pm

    With respect to what you were told, I think the decision tree is wrong. Do stop in unannounced and check them out. But, realize not every hospital can offer an immediate tour if staffers are caring for patients. Tours can be disruptive. Check out their website tour instead. Do have the nail trim done. But, realize that it is the techs who have the most primary, hands-on care with a patient. Ask them questions. Good techs are knowledgeable and compassionate and reflect the level of care offered in the hospital. They should be proud of their hospital and what its unique qualities are. Additionally, the doctors may be tied up with seeing patients, performing surgeries or calling and speaking with patient's families. I certainly would not expect my doctor to perform a manicure only appointment. It's not about ego, it's about using one's skills to their best ability.


    by Megan on 08/04/2011 07:59am

    'If a tech does the clipping, the vet's ego is too big.'

    Haha- or if your vet is anything like me, their nail clipping skills are mediocre. I bring my own pets in to have my techs clip their nails because they are SO much better at it than me! I may be able to do surgery, but somehow I still can't avoid nipping quicks during nail trims :(

    Online Reviews
    by CVICU RN on 08/02/2011 09:39am

    No thank you. I am online a lot, but wouldn't put much confidence in reviews.
    They don't give the real picture - how good is the surgeon? Just because she has lasers, and ultrasound doesn't mean she has good outcomes. Of course, this is true with human surgeons too. Sometimes the nicest people aren't necessarily the most skilled.
    Just because she is a member of AAHA, doesn't mean that I like her policies or that her outcomes are good or her vaccine protocols are up to date.
    I have started asking for recommendations from the specialty vets - since they see the work of the 'regular' vets pretty consistently.
    Also, since I work with local rescue, we hear a lot of horror stories, so we know if a certain vet has had a lot of bad outcomes. There are actually some potential adopters we deny because they use certain vets.
    I use different vets for different needs - a holistic/DVM for titers(45 minutes away); a large, multivet practice with a good surgeon and 'no appointment' hours which work for me when I think we need to start tx for a UTI right now instead after an appoinment tomorrow (40 minutes away); and a vet 5 minutes from home for scheduled appointments and management of long-term issues. And of course, specialty vets for skin/allergy and eyes. I probably would use the specialty surgeons for most surgeries now-a-days too, even though they are 3x as expensive.
    Just too many issues to go by a review!
    I'm wondering if the vets have reviews of their patients? Do they warn eachother about problem 'Moms?' I suspect they'd like to review the people who bring the animals in!

    Chronic complainers
    by mharding01 on 08/02/2011 10:46am

    I once watched the front desk staff at my cats' vet office reamed out by a steamed client who could not believe she had to pay $70 for an exam. This clinic is on Capitol Hill, three blocks from the actual Capitol. Primo real estate. Of course an exam costs $70. It costs a lot to maintain a high quality practice in that location. And this place is doing so well it now has two vets for the evening hours instead of one. So most people know the truth but I do worry that idiots like the one I described earlier post their comments while the satisfied clients don't. I have posted favorable comments about this practice on the local Yelp.

    i read em
    by rockjdog on 08/02/2011 11:22am

    I do read reviews. I find if there are just too many negatives I don't go.
    After reading your blog I actually went and wrote two great reviews about the vets I see now. I do not write bad reviews ( it would take something really awful for me to do that, like seeing abuse or something along those lines) I just feel that bad reviews can hurt someones business and I do not need that kind of karma following me around thank you very much!

    I find that when I go to a vet each vet may offer something different. I just found one vet that is very good with joint and skin problems. I have another vet that is a very good surgeon and has emergency hours.So I am often scanning for vets because my dogs cant tell me what is wrong and I want the very best I can find.

    by Briarcliff Animal Clinic on 08/02/2011 11:38am

    The bad reviews are always upsetting, but instead of burying our heads in the sand about it we try to reach out to the client to make things right. This has often already been done, but sometimes they prefer not to respond and instead take to the web to work out their anger.
    I liked your note about disgruntled ex-employees - that has definitely been known to happen. Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about those. We just hope that the good reviews outweigh the bad ones, and try to make the upset clients happy with their next experience.
    Thanks for the huge list of sites - I'll have to go investigate our reputation there, too!

    It's all relative
    by susanbt on 08/02/2011 11:39am

    When I visit a site that posts reviews, I don't just look at one review. If there's been one or two clients who flew off the handle at a good vet it will be pretty obvious. Compare to eBay, where you can see the percentage of positive versus negative ratings.

    Perhaps you can give clients a sheet asking them to visit the rating sites and post their good experiences. Since it is anonymous, they would feel free to do it or not.

    I went to the same vet for years and was very happy, and only in the past year or so had a bad experience. For a number of reasons, it led me to change vets, but I would not get online and trash him. While he screwed up and hurt my dog enough that my dog is now terrified of his office, it was not intentional and the many years of considerate, good care he gave my pets are not all erased by one bad judgment. Yes, I was angry (it was a dumb and unnecessary mistake), but we are all human and errors of judgment happen. Fortunately, this one was not life-threatening.

    My Blog
    by Drstacey on 08/02/2011 12:13pm

    Hi Dr. Khuly,

    I am a Veterinarian on Hilton Head island, SC. I make housecalls and I also write a Blog at

    I write short stories about my housecall adventures. I'd love to talk to you about my Blog.

    I always enjoy reading yours.

    Dr. Stacey Levin

    Reviews can be useful
    by Kutya on 08/02/2011 01:29pm

    I rely on reviews for most of the services I hire. The way to use them responsibly is to look at the overall ratings, not just a few good or bad reviews. When I see a scathing review, I look carefully at the details to see if they're relevant. If it looks like a real problem, I try to look up that person's other reviews to see if they're just overly critical of service providers in general. If most of their other reviews are positive, I'll take their complaint more seriously, but will still weigh it against the preponderance of reviews. Any of us can have a bad day or make a mistake, so one bad review will not usually sway me away from a provider.

    I'm also a big advocate of posting positive reviews for people and products I'm happy with. I think the tendancy for only disgruntled people to post reviews has changed a lot with the ease of reviewing on the internet. Generally there are many more favorable reviews now for any service than negative ones.

    I own a pet sitting business in Seattle and encourage all my clients to post reviews about my company. Online reviews are the way of the world now, and we can't be afraid of an occasional disgruntled post. In most cases we have the ability to respond to them with an explanation anyway. Just my opinion.

    Vicki Holt, Seattle

    by BarnyardPunch on 08/02/2011 03:11pm

    I'm not sure why reviews are such a source an angst. Yeah, a quality practitioner might get an unreasonable review here and there, but most people using Yelp and the others are savvy enough to take in all the reviews, not just one or two rants.

    Ways to mitigate the effects of poor reviews:

    - Be a good, personable doctor with quality staff

    - Encourage people to post positive experiences by gently suggesting at time of payment that they hop on Yelp (or whichever sites are most influential in your area) when they get home.

    - Respond in a reasonable way to rants, especially rants with even a sliver of merit. If the rant is about being kept waiting for 45 minutes for an appointment, post that you regret that experience and have implemented a process of calling/texting clients when the doctor is behind more than 15 minutes. If it's about cost, point out that your website posts average costs for typical procedures (What? You don't have this? You SHOULD.), financing options and the like. Any response should be solution oriented, not defensive

    - Be active in your offline community. Sponsor a spay day at the local shelter or dog park clean up. Real world word of mouth is still your best bet in acquiring new clients

    - Don't sweat the ranters. The type of client who focuses on one or two bad reviews out of 20 isn't the kind you want at your clinic anyway

    I've been to probably six or seven vet offices as a client over the past three years with my dogs. I can honestly say at least 50% of them deserved a negative Yelp review based on the front staff alone. These folks set the tone for any client visit and will make or break your online reputation in a flash. Wanna minimize or mitigate negative reviews? Start there before even turning your computer on.


    by CP on 08/02/2011 04:25pm

    I used to pay more attention to reviews but view most now with a grain of salt. Read good reviews about a vacuum cleaner and decided to purchase it based on that. The machine is OK, but the reviews led me to believe I'd be getting something better. Would pay more attention to reviews on a site like eBay before purchasing.

    I'd discount reviews that sound slightly deranged. Some people are WAY over the top. Still prefer to get a referral from someone I know before getting any kind of service.

    Had no idea there were so many sites rating vets. No matter how good your service/product is, there will always be disgruntled people. Can't satisfy everyone.

    Huge grain of salt
    by Anne in Socal on 08/02/2011 05:16pm

    First, several of the sites I sampled are a complete waste of time - they are just sites that search other sites and list vet hospitals and addresses next to a bunch of ads. Best Veterinarian Review doesn't actually have any reviews on their site, only a few poorly written posts about how important it is to find vet reviews. Dexknows Veterinarians has listings but only a handful of the vets in my city had reviews, and the reviews are from Petco has thousands of reviews but they are all of products, unless I am really missing a link they don't have veterinarian listings or reviews.

    I discovered a long time ago that there is someone who had a bad experience at any given vet hospital you can name. And as much as we care about our pets, we can and do blow things out of proportion when we feel they have suffered, or we think the vet should have/could have seen something or done something about a health issue that arose later. And a lot of the negative reviews are about the prices and the handling of money, which may or may not be legitimate gripes.

    On the other hand it's comforting when you're going to a new vet hospital, to read a bunch of good reviews that appear to be from experienced and well-informed pet owners. Then if you see a negative one, you put it in perspective.

    by pilotom on 08/03/2011 12:01pm

    I think people are increasingly becoming more savvy about what they're reading online these days and realizing that they not only need to consider WHAT they're reading but WHO did the writing and why. Positive reviews can be just as misleading as negative ones since, for all you know, the positive review may have been written by the very subject of the review. This is a common occurence on sites like Amazon where authors of books sometimes write WONDERFUL reviews about their own books under assumed usernames. I've read a number of negative reviews in which the author of the review ends up coming across more negatively than the subject they're condeming. I think reviews are an important source to consider in making decisions but the reviews themselves should be evaluated and judged ;-)

    I found the best vet
    by aussielogan on 08/04/2011 11:44am

    I found my vet by reading reviews, not all where positive, but many of the negative reviews had vet comments to either Post a policy like rescheduling if your late or directly confronting a disgruntled client who had never actually complained to them (the vets) about any problems and that they would be willing to work to rectify any problems or issues. Sometimes the disgruntled client even would then post back afterwards to amend or update there review which almost always was more positive afterwards.

    The fact that my vets office staff and vets took time to do this impressed me far more than I ever thought possible. My vet may not be perfect, may always push the IAMS samples & not really 100% understand why I believe my 5 months of research should trump her years in vet school and decades of practice, but she and the other vets are always willing the hear you out.

    Why they hate it
    by stefanio on 08/05/2011 11:27pm

    I don't think the majority of negative reviews are from disgruntled former employees or people complaining about cost. I would like to see the statistics on that.

    Online reviews have indeed become a way for we clients to warn pet lovers about the vets who have committed acts of ** alleged ** negligence or malpractice. The only way. Really.

    And I'd be wiling to bet that for every disgruntled employee review, you have a fake positive review posted by the vet himself or his family or someone else he put up to it.

    Ever noticed how whenever a negative review shows up, there are a flurry of positive ones? Right after? hh ha. Hopefully people have the brains to think through that.

    Some of those reviews include a big tip off, like insider industry statistics that no regular client knows. LOL.

    So the reason I think they hate them is that the truth is coming out. The truth about the lack of standards for quality of care, and the way its harming pets. After all, the patients have never been able to talk about this.

    Frankly, I think the call to 'help shift the balance' is biased. That would be like me saying 'go give bad reviews.'

    Why do you need to shift a balance? Shouldn't people just review and tell the truth rather than 'shifting' a 'balance'? What is this? An arm wrestling tournament?

    I've left both negative and positive reviews. I have even taken issue with people who gave bad reviews to my current vets because of their price, telling them that I know unfortunately from bad experience how priceless competence is, and how rare practices with licensed techs are. But you'd better believe I also have put out the warning about the clinic that OD'd my cat. And I will keep doing it. On all those sites you just listed so thanks.



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    COMMENTS:  I am posting this, just in the event that this blog, like another blog about specialists vs. non-specialists, as well as negative reviews for AVS, disappears, or is filtered. 

    I am not certain about this, but I think that businesses might pay to be listed on sites like 'yelp.'  I do know that  a veterinarian in CA, I believe , filed a class action lawsuit stating that yelp offered to remove negative reviews, I believe, for  a price.  I am only quoting what was written on a DVM 360 blog, so I am not sure how that case resolved, or if it went to court.  .   Perhaps someone who is more familiar with the workings of yelp could entlighten us. 

    At any rate, I think it's very unprofessional for any veterinarian or doctor to solicit any reviews,  esp. with the purpose of 'tipping the balance' as stated in Dr. Kuhl's blog.

    As far as people only posting negative review, I think that if one looks at the number of reviews that I have posted and the number that are positive, that is blatantly false, at least in my case. 


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