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Business: Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
Maitland, Florida

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Affiliated Veterinary Specialists
9905 South U.S. Highway 17-92
Maitland, FL 32751

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by bw10611 on 03/16/13


2 responses to this scorecard

2013 We were referred to AVS in 2012 after our cat, Lagniappe, had stomach problems and had lost several pounds.  She had stopped playing with her toys and had little energy.  When we made the first appointment last year we were afraid that we would be told that nothing could help her.  Instead, they provided us with a choice of a sonogram or surgery to detect the cause of the problem.  Because of her age (11 years) and condition, we decided to have the sonogram done.  It was inconclusive, so Dr. Moore said that it was most likely IBD or GI cancer.  Since the treatment was the same for both, she was started on short-term high-dose corticosteroids.  The dosage was later reduced for safety, and we continued to feed her only the prescription diet prescribed by Dr. Dworkin at Banfield.  Since that time we have continued to see Dr. Moore, and Lagniappe continues to improve.  She is taking a safer long-term medication now.  She has gained weight and now runs and plays again.  We will see Dr. Moore again in July.  We would recommend AVS to anyone who needs special care for their pet.


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Responses to bw10611's scorecard

Comments by caveatemptor on 05/02/13, 11:12 am

I sincerely hope that Lagniappe is not on the NSAID, meloxicam, as that drug has been given a black box warning, particularly as it relates to cats. If so, please Google, Dr. Becker, holistic vet, METCAM., to see the dangers this drug poses to cats.  Repeated use can cause renal failure and death, with both injectable and oral med.  Good luck. 

Comments by caveatemptor on 05/02/13, 11:40 am

I neglected to add that the vet you should google Dr. KAREN Becker and not Dr. MARTY Becker, who is not holistic and also who  does not publicly  support the human/animal bond concept,  which has enriched his life immensely. 
Since your cat  is elderly and since she gained weight upon using the other NSAID, I hope that weight was not 'water' weight, indicative of renal failure. 
Also, I hope that the doctor you are seeing stressed the importance of feeding an ALL WETFOOD diet.  ,with no grains, esp. for a cat who may have IBD or cancer.  Cats can not process the carbs utilized in  the extrusion process for dry food, and it is very harmful to the digestive system.  We learn more with each pet we adopt.  I have a kitty who is 21 and one who is nearly 14, and both have health issues (one has IBD) , .  However, I attribute their longevity, at least in part,  to the switch from dry to wet  food. 
Hope this will help you and hope Lagniappe is still doing well. 

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