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San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc., Ophthalmologist /

Last edited : 11/26/2008

207 South Santa Anita Street
San Gabriel, California
Phone: 626-289-7856

Professional Excellence in
Cataract Surgery, Clear Lens Exchange, and
General Ophthalmic Care

Choosing the right eye surgeon for your cataract or clear lens exchange surgery is a big decision. You'll want someone committed to the highest standard of treatment.
SGVEye is dedicated to just that: professional excellence in medical and surgical eye care.

Today, SGVEye operates as the area’s leading resource for world-class cataract surgery, clear lens exchange, and general ophthalmologic care. Patients’ superior experiences and resulting surgical outcomes are made possible by several key features:

Training from top medical schools.

Dr. Richardson, who performs all of the practice’s cataract surgeries, trained at the University of Southern California (USC) and Harvard Medical School—top-teaching institutions. As a result, he offers patients the premium-quality care and surgical insight that can only come from notable experience and training.

Advanced methods of surgery.

Dr. Richardson is our community’s first ophthalmologist to employ the advanced technique of “phaco-chop” for cataract surgery. In fact, he currently performs more advanced cataract surgeries at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center than any other ophthalmologist.


The most modern IOL Technologies.

With an ever-expanding effort to offer the newest intraocular lens implants, patients truly receive state-of-the-art care. It’s not by chance that SGVEye was the first local practice to use the accommodating Crystalens.

A remarkable commitment to a great patient experience.

At SGVEye, there’s a deep philosophy at work, a kind of commitment that is rare—to provide patients with a far better experience.

Convenient Locations.

SGVEye recently moved to a medical office building conveniently located across from the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center. This new 5,000 square foot facility is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment and additional testing areas. Additionally, we have an office location in Pasadena allowing us to serve the greater San Gabriel Valley including South Pasadena, Alhambra, San Marino, Arcadia, Rosemead, and Temple City.

Dr. Richard Kratz has both a medical degree and a Masters in public health. He is committed to the long-term ocular health of his patients.

Dr. Michael Pritchard has dedicated 30 years to the practice of optometry in the San Gabriel Valley.

Our modern office was designed with comfort and state-of-the-art care in mind.

Cataract surgery is performed with advanced techniques and equipment.

Nancy Barone (our office administrator) is dedicated to your positive experience at San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc.

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San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc., Ophthalmologist /

Last edited : 11/26/2008

207 South Santa Anita Street
San Gabriel, California
Phone: 626-289-7856

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