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I'm interested in making a free profile to show prospective patients more about my service.

You can get started now and be done with a simple profile in about 10 minutes. Make Profile

How to make a doctor profile

Watch a video to see how we made a profile in under 3 minutes. Video

I would like to encourage my satisfied customers to rate my service. Any tips?

Ask your patients to rate your service

Your patient is your customer. Customers love to provide feedback about services they paid for. Customers love to be asked for their opinion. It shows you care about them if you ask for their opinion. Patients want to be heard and want to be listened to. By asking your patients to rate your service, they will know you care about what they think. They will respect your transparency, honesty, and integrity. They will trust you more and be more likely to return to you if you care enough to ask them to rate you.

Be Honest

Do not ask others to write a fake review for your business. When we find evidence of that, we delete the fake scorecards and suspend your page from getting new scorecards. Some people like to make money posting fake reviews. It doesn't work and ends up making you look unethical and untrustworthy. Who would want to trust their health to someone who posts fake reviews?

Please do NOT ask your patients to use your computers or your property to give you a rating. Some doctors have told us they are doing this. How can a patient be expected to provide a truthful, unbiased review of a doctor's service if they believe they could be monitored by the doctor? Please ask the patient to rate your service truthfully and honestly from the comfort of the location of their choice. Your patients will trust you more for respecting their privacy and allowing them to be honest in their review of your service. Thank you.

Give your patients the website address


We designed a card that you are free to use. You could make your own or just print a message of your choice with the website address on a regular piece of paper. This is just one idea you could use.

You can download our freely available Word document and print your own cards for free:


Example use: The office staff could ask the patients on their way out,

"Overall, were you satisfied with your visit today?"

If they respond favorably, the office staff could hand them a card with the website address and ask them to rate their experience.

I'm not happy with some comments written about me. What can I do?

  • Respond to the comments. Make your rebuttal. There is a response section below each scorecard where you are welcomed to respond to any of your scorecards. You can respond to any scorecards, actually, even for other doctors just like anyone else. It would mean a lot to prospective patients if you replied to comments written about you. The fact that you would take the time to respond would show your attention to detail and the fact that you do care what others think about you... which is a good thing since you provide a public service. Patients should fear those doctors that do NOT care what others think about them.

  • Make a free profile. You can make a free public profile showing more about your service to help the public decide if your service is right for them. You control your profile. No one else can edit that section. You can include photos that you would like to share and a bio of yourself or a description of the services you provide.

  • Send us an email. See Final thoughts for more on this.
  • Can I sue you? (I want more money.)

    Overall, we believe most doctors are in the business for the right reasons and can skip over this section. For the good doctors out there... we appreciate your hard work and much needed skills, so please take the following light-heartedly.

    Taking a website to court over opinions written anonymously is foolish. If you want to throw some money at a lawyer, here are example letters the lawyer can use:

    Sample letter from
    Law Offices of British American Legal Council
    Sample letter #1
    Full story is here.
    Sample letter from
    Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
    Sample letter #2
    Sample letter from
    Contracted by Dr. Karen McNeill-O’Connor Dec-11-2007
    Sample letter for Dr. Karen McNeill-O’Connor
    Some reasons why it is foolish to sue this website:
    1. This website is 100% legal. This website is operated in the United States under the US Constitution, which provides Freedom of Speech. Free speech is protected by Amendment I of the US Constitution:

      "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    2. Yes, we allow Canadians to visit our site and add their opinions while they are visiting. Actually, anyone from anywhere on the planet is welcomed to visit this site, located in the US. While they are on our property, we trust they are following our US laws. (See previous point.)

    3. This website is run for free. We make no money, so we don't have much to take.

    4. The website creators didn't write the comments about the doctor. You're going after the wrong party. The comments are written anonymously by the public and we have no idea who wrote the comments.

    5. The scorecards are full of opinions. This website never declares the comments to be fact. This is not a TV news channel. This site is certainly not a part of any official government agency. It's a website simply allowing people to share their experiences anonymously without fear of being harassed for expressing themselves.

    6. Below every scorecard is a disclaimer stating that the comments are opinions and not necessarily factual.

    7. By suing this website, you will undoubtedly bring more attention to yourself and the very comments you wish to censor. While not fun, a lawsuit would give this site and the comments on it free publicity. Legal threats will be posted on this site for all to see. Lawsuits will be publicized along with the identity of the doctor suing and the complaints made. Instead of suing, please consider other options.

    Final thoughts

    We respect doctors at DoctorScorecard. More than half of our scorecards are estimated to be positive. If you have negative comments written about you at the site and nothing above was a good solution for you, then try this. If you, as a doctor, feel like someone has lied about your business on this site, send us an email without legal threats and tell us your side of the story. We will keep your email confidential unless you give us permission to post it online. (However, we reserve the right to post silly legal threats online without your permission.) We will not accept a bribe to change comments about you. If your email is clearly written, we might agree with your point and delete the comments. We have done so before. In fact, we occasionally delete comments from the website even without a doctor asking us to, simply because it was our opinion that the comments were unhelpful. However, keep in mind that in most cases, we cannot prove that a comment written here is not a real patient's actual opinion. We encourage people to practice their Freedom of Speech. Given that we cannot prove the comments on this site to be factual, patients must take each comment lightly and use their best judgment when choosing a doctor.