Advertising Policy

Last edited Apr-12-2012

#1 Do not profit from others' misery.

We never place ads on pages where a doctor has an average score of less than 8 out of 10. We refuse to receive any revenue if there is a hint of a bad experience. That means a big percentage of this website is advertisement-free.

#2 No offensive ads.

If you are offended by an ad, or believe it is for a fraudulent product or service, email us and we can block it.

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#3 Do not distract.

We have a maximum of one ad per page if there are any ads at all. This benefits both the advertiser and those searching for useful information about doctors. Advertisers have less competition for the reader's attention. The reader has less distraction from seeing what they came here to find.

Why do we advertise at all?

The ad revenue helps cover some of our costs of running this website.

Thousands of people visit DoctorScorecard each day looking for help deciding which doctor to see. Doctors visit this site to check on patient satisfaction, wanting to know what their patients say about them, and updating their own profiles.

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