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edited Aug-25-2011

Who operates this site?

This site is being built and operated by people that are free from ties to medical businesses, medical associations, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and even free from patient advocacy groups. This means that this site is a fair and unbiased location where we can exchange our experiences regarding doctors and medical businesses. We don't take sides and try to stay out of the rating system as much as possible.

The site's operation is paid for by private donations and a limited amount of advertising. The principle website designer is located in Arkansas, USA. People from various other locations have contributed to the website programming.

Doctors cannot pay to alter the content of this site. If doctors want to make a rebuttal to their score, they can do so for free by posting a response below their scorecard. There is a text box below each scorecard where anyone can post their response.

Each scorecard is quickly reviewed by us to weed out the spam, abusive language, or obvious fakes. However, we do not verify the contents of the comments to be true. Some scorecards have been deleted in their entirety when inappropriate or vulgar. We do not allow a doctor to receive more than one scorecard from the same person. For example, we found a doctor giving herself multiple perfect scores, so we deleted her entries from the website and have temporarily banned that doctor from being rated on this site.

In our opinion, most doctors are good. We would like to help the good doctors get the word out about their practice. Hopefully this site can reward the good doctors by steering more patients their way. We hope that patients praise the doctors they like as much as they criticize those they had a bad experience with.

Thank you for your support.