Legal threat by Dr. Karen McNeill-O’Connor

We received a 6-page letter from Veri-Trademark on Dec-11-2007. The end of the letter made a legal threat:


Despite your caveat that "DoctorScorecard does not verify the comments made here to be true" and your insistence that your

[…] website is 100% legal. This website is operated in the United States under the US Constitution, which provides Freedom of Speech. Free speech is protected by Amendment I of the US Constitution […]

as you may know, under United States law, "one who only delivers or transmits defamatory material published by a third person is subject to liability if, but only if, he knows or has reason to know of its defamatory character." The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the defamatory character of the statements posted on your site, in the hopes that you remove them immediately before subjecting yourself to liability.

If does not remove said reviews immediately, Dr. Karen McNeill- O’Connor will be forced to take further action to protect her practice’s reputation and assert her rights.

The letter failed to show us that the comments about this doctor were libelous. You can review the comments for yourself.

Dr. Karen McNeill-O'Connor's scorecards

It appears that the patients presented their experiences with this business in a professional manner with pictures and scanned documents to back it up. These comments will remain on the site unless the patients decide to delete them.

You may vote on the scorecards to show your support or disagreement with the comments written.

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