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Dr. Elizabeth Hall-findlay
Banff, AB

Rated 10 out of 10 on 01/11/17
(10 is best)

last comment added Wonderful experience at Banff Plastic Surgery! Dr Hall-Findlay was very nice and approachable. I ended up having a breast augmentation procedure and couldn't be happier!!

Dr. Don Revis Jr
Fort Lauderdale , FL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 01/11/17
(10 is best)

last comment added My initial revision was in the beginning of 2016, I only went to him because he said his bra technique would fix my issues and would t let my implants sag. I even agreed to pay 10k I had to put on credit card. He told me that going through nipple is the best for the technique to work and it wouldn't effect breastfeeding. Well in 3 months my right implant remained high and his internal bra stitch was pulling in my back muscle. I was numb starting around my armpit to my back. I told him I'm getting married in august and I needed my boob fixed. He agreed to surgically lower it. I had to fly to Florida again. After a few days I took a bandage off my nipple and realized it was dented. I asked him if it will resolve he told me to massage. It's been months after months and problem only was getting worse. Pain, numbness, and pulling on my right side, sagged and rippled implant on the left. I asked him if I could be fixed 10 months post op and he said it would be around another 10k. That my tissue is too thin and I need gel implants and strattice. I didn't have that money so he told me to contact him when I'm financially ready. He didn't reply to my emails since October. I was devastated. My right implant was so high and painful and pulled from nipple to my back. I couldn't work or work out. My left one was getting lower and lower. I ended up explanting with another ps because I didn't have money for other options and I just wanted the pain to go away. At this point I learned that I was not the only victim who he tried to rip off and who he deformed. Be aware!!! His bra doesn't work but only gives you pain! He stitched nipples to the cupsule and gives you a deformity!!! I don't know if I will ever be able to fix my right breast or breastfeed with it!! Only 24 yo and so deformed!!! I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard!!! Please find me on realself and look through my story. I didn't listed to his bad reviews but was mislead by his good ones. Please don't ignore my story!!! This could be you next! I ended up with nerve damage, crooked nipple, uneven breasts, and lots of scar tissue!!! 

Dr. Don Revis
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 01/10/17
(10 is best)

last comment added Like money other women who have been to Revis, he botched my surgery up. I went to him for a revision for bottoming out and lateral displacement. Ended up bottoming out again, lateral displacement again, on top of devoloping symmastia, CC, rippling, dents from his Internal Bra (which is a joke, it broke 3 months on my right side while I was blow drying my hair) terrible sagging, and severe pain and muscle deformities. Dr Revis told me, 3 months post op, I would need to pay him another 10-11k more (again!) to fix the problems HE created. He lied, played me back and forth changing his words, and finally I realized it was a lost cause. Would not recommemd this monster to anyone. Girls that have nice results with him, many have to go back 2-3 times to get those results. I recently spoke with one of his 'afters' patients, who was featured on his site under the Revision gallery. She had to go back to him to get those results, he did NOT give her that look from her first surgery with him. Yet he portrays on his site he is the Boob God of FL. He has any extremely high rate of revising his OWN work. He claimed to me he had a 99% CC free rate, BS. Many girls I have spoke to in the past year who have had surgery with him developed CC, including myself, and several had to explant because of it. Run away. I am a real woman, posting MY experience. Dare call me a fake or phony. Just are the phonies. Lying about this Dr and deleting bad reviews about him. Heaven forbid you bite the hand that feeds you, considering he PAYS to be featured and glorified on that site!

Dr. Tj Tsay
Tustin, CA

Rated 10 out of 10 on 01/10/17
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr TJ Tsay is a wonderful doctor! I wouldnt recommend anyone else looking for cosmetic procedures in the southern california area.

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