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Aces Dental
Las Vegas, NV

Rated 10 out of 10 on 09/23/16
(10 is best)

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Conveniently located in multiple locations across Las Vegas, Aces Dental is your one-stop family dentist’s office, offering everything you and your loved ones need to maintain excellent oral health and a dazzling smile. With premier dental services such as…

Dr. Stanley Niziol
Dryden, NY

Rated 3 out of 10 on 09/19/16
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Niziol’s office mailed me, on  8 August 2016 , a letter dated 5 July indicating that he will no longer be providing me services effective 30 days from the date of the letter.  The 5 July date was not a typographical error as that date appeared five times in the correspondence sent me.  

No reason was stated for terminating services.  

I think one might argue this type of behavior constitutes patient abandonment.    Very unprofessional and borderline unethical in my opinion.  Great way to treat your patients, Doc!

Dr. James Liu
Cleveland, OH

Rated 1 out of 10 on 09/19/16
(10 is best)

last comment added Only wants to discuss procedures that he wants to do or use, does not listen to patient well, and is very arrogant, unsympathetic and dismissive of patient symptoms and well-being. He put me on treatments that had already been tried for my condition and was very dismissive telling me to try them anyway when I told them. He also gave bad/outdated advice that no medical professional is giving out in the 21st century.  He was extremely unhelpful overall but still collected those copays!

Dr. Sandhya Shrivastava
Durg, CG

Rated 10 out of 10 on 09/17/16
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Sandhya Shrivastava's Clinic is the best Clinic in our Chhattisgarh state, Dr. Sandhya Shrivastava (M.D.S.) is having a very huge experience  in the field of dentistry, She worked as a Specialist in J.L.N. Hospital and Research Centre, Bhilai  ...a renowned hospital of Bhilai Steel plant, Sec- 9, She also worked as a Professor & H.O.D. in various Dental College’s, till date. All types of Dental treatment available in her Clinic with modern machines, equipment's & technologies... remarkable thing are.... her well experienced hands with lots of knowledge in dentistry. So I suggest you all to Experience by your own...DR. SANDHYA SHRIVASTAVA,  MDS, Shop no.4 & 5 , MAITRI NAGAR SHOPPING COMPLEX, Risali , Bhilai , Distt : DURG , CHHATTISGARH . Contact: Phone - 0788 - 2242167.

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