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Dr. Patrick Van Loon
Palm Desert, CA

Rated 1 out of 10 on 10/17/17
(10 is best)

last comment added Went to see dr van loon since my neck was a stiff but didnt have any preconditions.. he ranked on my neck so hard I was dizzy.. then he put my back on some high deal on the table and dropped me about onto table. When i got home I have a seizurs and was taken to hospital. He damaged my brain stem..he was a dentist and should have stayed there,, my parents are devasted his crippled their child. Dont go to him. He is not professional and I told him he hurt my neck and just walked off and ignored me

Dr. Dr Shannon Shinheimer
Palm Desert , CA

Rated 1 out of 10 on 10/17/17
(10 is best)

last comment added This doctor prescibed a pill that ended up being very unsafe.. The results were horrific and still trying to recover, She wasnt clear enough on what it was and told me to trust her,, I thought natural paths only prescribed natural things but I guess dangerous plants are poisen too..please beware of plants that can kill you.

Brighter Day Dental
Concord, CA

Rated 10 out of 10 on 10/14/17
(10 is best)

last comment added

Why take extra time off from work when you could complete all of your treatment in one appointment? Our sedation dentistry patients can have their root canal and single-visit crown made while they relax, and while we work on addressing any of their other pressing dental needs. There is no need to book multiple appointments.

Timber Dental
Portland, OR

Rated 10 out of 10 on 10/06/17
(10 is best)

last comment added

Our Portland dentists use advanced equipment like 3D conebeam imaging for dental implants and iTero digital scanning for comfortable, accurate crowns. Goodbye gooey impressions and lengthy surgeries! Hello fast, predictable, high-quality results.

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