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Dr. Summer Weary
Cookeville, TN

Rated 1 out of 10 on 02/27/15
(10 is best)

last comment added Sommetime around the end of oct 2013 i was referred to Dr Summer Weary, DOP due to a 3 cm tear in my interior tibial tendon in my left foot. Dr weary stressed to me the importance of having the tendon repaired through surgery. She toldme that tendons do not heal on heir own. Surgery was performed in jan of 2014. I was told I could not work for 8-12 weeks. Within the first 4 weeks two small wounds formed on the incision line on my ankle. The Dr.s first reaction to these wounds were to pull the skin together and re-stitch it. That didnt work, the wounds opened right back up. By this time it was April of 2013-4 months post surgery. Another 2 months passed and the wounds remained unhealed. The Dr told me my best option was a skin graft. It was a surgery procedure. During the surgery, the dr turned those two small wounds (one about one cm and the other less then one cm) into one large 5 to 6 cm wound and stitched the donor skin over the wound. This skin graft failed so the dr told me she needed to do another one but she assured me she wouldent make the wound bigger. This graft also failed. Both of these grafts that were stitched over the wound on my ankle were very dry and crusty and they were visibly not doing the wound any good at all. By this time it was sept of 2013, 9 months post surgery. The doctor had sent me to a clinic about 30 miles from where i lived. This clinic specialized in hyperbaric chamber treatments, although she knew my insurance would not approve this treatment for me because I am not diabetic. The only thinng this clinic could do for me other then treating me for the staff infection that had  developed under the graft, was clean the wound and change my dressing. By the time december of 2014 was here, I could no longer afford to drive to this clinic just to have the dressing changed. Against my families advice, i returned to Dr weary. Ive been seeing her again for over two and a half months with little improvement. I have altready been tested for autoimmune disorders, had bloodwork done, and also a biopsy of skin tissue from the wound all within the last year with no results to explain why this surgical wound will not heal. So at the nd of feb 2015, the Dr decided she wanted to do all the tests again starting with a punch biopsy. This included her cutting this already very traumatized wound, and during this procedure she was very rough with her scalpel and tweezers. My ankle was numb during the procedure, but when the sensation returned, it felt like my ankle had been grated wth a cheese grater and my wound was once again bigger. The biopsy came back exactly the same as the first biopsy. Over the past 14 months, the wound on my ankle has been cut and stitched many times, with my ankle growing weaker and more painfull every time. The wound has grown so sensitive that even the guaze pads i have to use feels like a elephant sitting on my ankle. When i put the whole 14 months together, the doctor is who keeps making my wound bigger. I have only been able to work two months( from april of 2014 to may of 2014) since my initial surgery. I was not ever able to return after the first skin graft when the dr made the wound so deep and so big. I am now seeking a new dr. Unless you have an ingrown toenail, I would not suggest going to see this doctor.     

Dr. Karen L Allen
Huntsville, AL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 02/26/15
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Karen Allen is horrible with adults.  She is rude, uncaring in emergency situations, lazy, and also discriminatory against overweight patients.  That was the way she was with me at least.  I had a pic line in my arm and my arm swelled up, turned red, and it had to be removed.  I had severe pain and went to the emergency room only to find out that I had 3 blood clots that followed the whole path of the pic line from my neck to my elbow, one by my jugular, one in my clavicle, and one near my elbow.  The pain was so severe that I was moaning out loud and it felt as though my arm was being cut off.  They had to give me 2 strong pain pills because it was so severe.  They asked if I had a family doctor and mistakenly I gave her name.  I had only seen her once, so I did not know how she really was.  She told the emergency room to send me home with a prescription for pre-filled needles of blood thinner to inject myself with over a period of 2 weeks and nothing for pain.  I was in severe pain and had never injected myself with anything in my life.  My grandmother died from a blood clot that went to her brain and Dr. Allen had the nerve to try and send me home with 3 blood clots and in severe pain.  I was crying so hard.  Thank goodness the emergency room doctor saw the severity of the situation and admitted me into the hospital against her wishes.  She was so mad that she had to come to the hospital every day to see me.  She made rude comments and was very cold and harsh every time she walked in.  She told me that the blood clots could have occurred because I was overweight.  I was shocked by this ridiculous accusation.  I am not even that overweight, which made it an even more ridiculous comment.   She was purposely just trying to be mean to me because she was mad at me.  I was in the hospital for 5 or more days.  Thank goodness Dr. Cost was on call for the weekend.  I asked him about the blood clots and he said that it was obvious the clots were from the pic line.  He treated me kindly and with respect.  I asked him if I could change to have him as my doctor and he said that it was against their policy for him to take over.  Dr. Allen came back in and started accusing me of not trying to get better.  I asked her what in the world she was talking about.  She said, "You have not even tried to get up and walk around."  I said, "Nobody has ever told me that I needed to get up and start walking around.  I have always known that clots can move and go to your heart or brain and kill a person.  If you had told me you wanted me to get up and exercise, I would have, but I don't just get up and wander the halls of a hospital with 3 blood clots and on pain medication without being given clearance to do so."  I was furious.  She never gave me any advice on how to care for myself or anything.  She came in for 5 minutes every day, made rude comments about my weight and me being lazy, and then left.  I was disgusted by this woman and her treatment.  When I got out of the hospital I had to go back to her for the re-check to be released.  I had no intentions of ever seeing her again after that, but I was not going to tell her, I was just going to move on.  This woman was so horrible, that she had the nerve to tell me when I returned for the re-check that I needed to find a different doctor because her and I did not see eye to eye.  I mean, talk about adding insult to injury.  I do not know who she thinks she is, but I gladly was never going to come back to her ever again anyway.  I just had more class than she did.  I would recommend staying as far away from this woman as possible.  She does not even deserve the title of doctor.

Dr. Joan Dahmer
Glendale, AZ

Rated 2 out of 10 on 02/26/15
(10 is best)

last comment added Doctor Joan Dahmer herself I rate at a "8".

The full-time nursing staff I rate a "8".

The temporary nursing staff they call in a "3".

The billing department a "1".

The front office staff a "1".

The medical assistance staff techs a "1".

The Lazy-Boy, gymnasium-like crowded, ill equipped IV treatment area a joke.  "0"  (Low overhead, no separate rooms, crowded conditions, one bathroom for all, all patients and friends together, TV in room has no volume, drudgery and no privacy.

The waits are terribly long, the front office staff rude and curt.

The billing department gives you the run around and a different answer each time you call.

Dr. Anthony J Desalvo Jr
Havertown, PA

Rated 10 out of 10 on 02/26/15
(10 is best)

last comment added I have been seeing this doctor since I was a teenager. He is always pleasant and listens to your concerns. He asks about how things are going and meets your health needs the best he can. Never had a bad experience or problem with this office. The staff is great, very friendly and professional.

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