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Dr. Thomas D Kramer
Pittsburgh, PA

Rated 1 out of 10 on 12/16/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Thomas D. Kramer is very well known around Pittsburgh for completing I.M.Es that are extremely favorable to insurance companies and their legal counsel. Dr. Kramer has constantly been referred to as a hired gun for insurance companies on many different medical review websites online and needs to be investigated. If you feel you have fell victim to this I urge you to promptly file a complaint report with the Pennsylvania State Board Of Medicine and contact the FBI here in Pittsburgh as they also investigate heath care fraud.

Dr. Michael Gray
West Bloomfield, MI

Rated 10 out of 10 on 12/16/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Gray is wonderful.  I have been a patient since 2005, and that is due to the great results I got from my first surgery, a breast lift.  I keep coming back, because he never disappoints.  I have to shake my head at some of the crazed comments I see on this site.  I can only conclude that these individuals either had grossly unrealistic expectations, or emotional problems.  I am a professional, and I understand that you can't please everybody.  I hate to sound unkind, but there are always a few wackos out there that want to blame their unhappiness on someone else.  

In my experience, I have always been more than pleased with the work Dr. Gray has done.  My breast lift, multiple lipos, face lift, neck lift, tummy tuck, in every case he has done more than I expected, and I've loved the results.  Friends and colleagues always ask me, what's my secret?  How can I be almost 60 and still get "carded" when I buy wine?  Well, I take good care of myself, and enjoy a proper diet and exercise.  But it's Dr. Gray who takes me to the next level.  Diet, supplements, exercise...and Dr. Gray!

He is absolutely the best.  I've heard other surgeons talk about whether he is board certified, etc.  But that is just jealousy talking.  All I care about are results, and that's what Dr. Gray provides.  For me, the consultations are usually short, but I don't need a long speech.  I appreciate someone who gets to the point.  When Dr. Gray brings out the purple pen and starts drawing out the incision lines, any nervousness I might have at the thought of surgery goes away, because I know I am in good hands.

I have seen pics of celebrities under "plastic surgery gone wrong" and I really feel sorry for them.  With all their money, it's took bad they couldn't have had a surgeon as good as Dr. Gray.

Dr. Marta Lacayo
Boca Raton, FL

Rated 10 out of 10 on 12/15/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Wellness and Hormone Centers of America has a new state of the art facility.  The staff is super friendly and Dr. Lacayo is Amazing!  I love how they created a customized wellness plan just for me! I feel so much better, have more energy and I'm losing weight!

Dr. Alfred J Holme
Othello, WA

Rated 1 out of 10 on 12/13/14
(10 is best)

last comment added After the third visit in a 2 yr time frame I've had to take my husband in due to having, well what seems to be a sort of Muscle spasms in his back and abdominal area . All three times we have gone this doctor Alfred J. Holm has been the one we have seen and all three visits have gone basicly the same, we check in , he comes back to ask ME if I have beat my husband for not throwing out the garbage ?? And looks to my oldest son and proceeds to what appears to be joking and ask him what did he do to his dad ?? Now I'm no doctor but it seems tht is not the proper way to to ask whats going on especially when I can see my husband literally crying from the excruciating pain he is in , And then we never see THAT doctor again for the rest of the visit not even to take the time after running test and being there for hours to let us know his opinion of what might be going on with my husband, for a doctor to not even take the time to come and tell the patient or family what he found or what he thinks is beyond me , all the nurse says is " ur being released " almost as if there in a hurry to get u out , I am so frustrated with the Doctor at this point I ask to know the results of the test he ran at this point and all the nurse says is I can go online to see all tht was done at the time of his visit there . I really wish tht if ppl lack the integrity and the want to be in there position , they would look for another professional field where they can actually be an asset then be rude and of no help what so ever . 
This doctor has made it very clear he is not there to treat the sick to the best of his ability& that is truly a sad thing .

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