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Dr. Helen Wicki
Nobleton, ON

Rated 10 out of 10 on 11/21/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Wicki was wonderful with my very timid dog. She took the time to let him become comfortable in the environment before examining him and was patient and calm throughout the process. The best vet experience I have had with him so far, and I've been through multiple vets.

Dr. Jonathan Baskin
Morristown, NJ

Rated 1 out of 10 on 11/19/14
(10 is best)

last comment added This doctor damaged me in first surgery, went back in next day to fix things and did more damage. It took me y are to recover, and I am still struggling with issues. Do your homework, stay away from this surgeon!

Dr. Thor Tangvald
Bellvue, KY

Rated 1 out of 10 on 11/17/14
(10 is best)

last comment added

'Doctor' Thor Tangvald, (and I don't even feel comfortable using the word 'doctor' in the same sentence with this man's name), was rude and bizzare and embarrassed me in front of a waiting room full of people and his staff, I was shocked at the way I was treated and confused as to why I was treated that way. I was told to 'get out' of his office and 'don't come back', and to this day I still don't know what I said or did to set this hot head off. I truly believe this man is drifting into mental illness, there is no other explanation. At any rate, its safe to assume i'm not going to recommend anyone go see who I rate as the worst doctor i've ever visited. Doctor Thor Tangvald is not solving any patients problems in his dusty, dirty office, he's creating problems with his patients. The only reason I gave Tangvald 1-star is because it wouldn't let me give his operation 0-stars.

Dr. Morris Soriano
Rockford, IL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 11/17/14
(10 is best)

last comment added In june of this year I was supposed to see him conviniently overnight my car was vandalized and I had no other way of getting to his appointment.  Because of missing this appointment at his recomondation my TTD benefits for workmans comp were terminated.  At the end of August I was finally able to get into his office for this bogus IME.  He had already been coached by their Nurse Case Manager who had been removed from my case 4 years ago for unetical conduct and she could be smelled I kid you not over 100' away if the wind was behind her and blowing in your direction.

I took a retired police officer with me to the appointment to which the sole purpose of him going was so that in the event that Soriano proceeded to lie about the appointment or say I did this or that during the appointment or said this or that I would have a whitness to whom during testifying as a whitness they would have a hard time calling them a liar or saying that they would lie to favor me on the stand.

During the IME he was utterly rude regardless of the number of times I told him I was in pain he kept on and then proceeded to tell me he didn't know what a FDA Black Label warning was and asked me what it was and then proceeded to tell me that he didn't believe that an antibiotic given to me because of an infection I was sent home with after my 3rd failed suergery on my back would never cause a heart attack that I was lieing about it. 

He wasn't given copies of my MRI's and when he tried to locate them in the so called computer system they wouldn't come up my Pain Management Doctor Dr Weiss had referred me for another MRI on my lower back as about 4 weeks prior to attending my appointment with Soriano I was getting out of my car and there was a snap like a breaking bone in my lower spine that led to me falling straight to the ground.  He accused me of faking it saying why didn't you go to the ER for it if it was that bad and when I told him I don't use the ER for a doctors office that I had an appointment with Weiss a few days after and he said that still doesn't excuse not going ot the ER and I told him why would I go to the ER when every time I had to go to the ER because of my injury they refused to pay the bill. 

He proceeded to continue the examination all the while looking at their pre coached instructions which was a dead give away after he left them out on the table that he forced me to painfully get up on had to stool to use to get on no step to use to get on then kept forcing my legs to bend in ways that I told him numerous times was making my pain worse.  He asked me why I didn't take any pain medication prior to attending his appointment I responded with I wasn't gonna let the pain mediation effect my evaluation he said in other words your faking your injury and want to be sober to make sure you don't trip yourself up during my evaluation. 

He had me standing next to a table bending me and twisting me every which way and I had my hand over the table ready to catch myself if my legs gave out and I fell as that is a recurrent problem I have since my second surgery I lost sensation in my outer legs as a result of the second surgery and my legs give out w/o warning.  He yelled at me to stop doing that I told him unless you want to be liable if I fall over when my legs give out and hurt myself then get on with your evaluation.  I did it again and he literally slapped myarm away from the table had enough he ended up forcing me to bend to the side left a mark on my arm and my back snapped again to which as I started to fall he caught me and said I woudln't want you faking tha tfall and sueing me for a bull shit injury. 

I showed him a scar on my foot to which I had a nail got stuck in my foot that I had walked around with in my food for a few days that he said I doubt that had anythign to do with your back that it woulc cause you to leave a nail in your foot for 2 or more days allowing it to get severly infected on purpose risking losing your foot to rip off the insurance trying to make me feel you have a legitimate work related injury.  Looks like its healing just fine the scab is pink on your foot.  Funny thing is this happened 3 years ago and it was fully healed up and yes it almost caused me to lose my foot as a result of a nail sticking in my foot and my not realizing it till it had been in there acouple days and pulling it out when I found it in there. 

After that he was finnished with his So Called IME when I asked for him to sign a note stateing I was there he fought me on it saying my lawyer would get a copy of it in 48 hours and I told him didn't care I needed that to restore my checks he refused to until I told him wasn't leaving until he gave me something that said I was there with his signiature on it.  After that he proceeds to let the Nurse Case Manager back in and proceeds to walk to an office with her to hold a closed door meeting with her and when I told him they could not meet without me being present and also told him she was removed from my case and wasn't to be there in the first place and I insisted on being in that meeting they were about to hold.  Soriano stated I had no legal right to be in that meeting and I again told them they couldn't be in that meeting without me and she wasn't to be there.  I also told them that i had expressed my right not to allow them at any of my appointments or to manage any part of my case per IWCC handbaook states I have that right to refuse them to be allowed at any of my appointments or have anything to do with my case period.  They told me that she coudl be there and talk to him w/o my being present and I had no legal rights to be in the meeting again and told me to leave.

As a result of his bogus IME I lost all of my benefits including my Medical coverage and my Checks had been started for 2 weeks only be be immediately terminated citing his findings in the IME.  I demanded a copy of the report he gave them and was told I had no legal rights to a copy of that or any other records he had on file in his office. 

If your lawyer says their sending you to him find another doctor that does IME's and get an appointment with them Immediately and demand they cancel that appointment with him and tell them you found your own doctor to do the IME to which you have the Legal right to see your own doctor. 

As my name says on here I got bent over and screwed hard in the asscott by them and their games with Whoriano and that name is what all doctors know him as.  He even accused my Pain Management Doctor of being a dope pusher and that he never examined any patients he just pushed drugs.

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