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Dr. Julio Paez
Clermont, FL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 05/29/15
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Paez is the most arrogant and insensitive doctor that I ever had.  I just move from another state and need a new doctor to help me manage my chronic pain.  Without knowing my medical history, he started lecturing me about the high percentage of drug abusers and how many people go from doctor to doctor to get control substances.  I tried to explain my experience with different medicine that other doctors had already tried.He was insulting and arrogant and did not even try to learn why I needed a pain management doctor. I even told him I didn't need a new prescription since I still have enough.  Just need to establish a new doctor to continue my care for chronic pain.  I was not expecting a lecture on the percentage of people abusing prescribe medication. I WILL NEVER recommend this doctor to anyone. I need a doctor that can help me manage my pain, not HUMMILIATE me an make me feel like a drug addict and a drug dealer!!!

Dr. Michael Tennenbaum
Roslyn Heights, NY

Rated 10 out of 10 on 05/28/15
(10 is best)

last comment added Saw Dr. Tennenbaum for an emergency. Am new to the neighborhood and did not know where to turn.  He got me out of pain.  Now I have a NEW dentist!  Will be recommending him to all my friends and family!

Dr. Kenneth Farrell
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rated 1 out of 10 on 05/27/15
(10 is best)

last comment added The Dr is OK, but his staff is rude, unhelpful and incompetent.  Find another doctor.

Dr. Cathy Mastrogiacomo
Toronto, ON

Rated 10 out of 10 on 05/26/15
(10 is best)

last comment added My family has been patients of Cathy Mastrogiacomo since 1990.  We always liked her but now we absolutely LOVE her!  She was always very kind to my elderly parents, even visiting my mother at home when she became too frail to leave the house. 

She was terrifically helpful with my extremely difficult and abusive father, providing guidance and a listening ear when I needed to vent.  Now she has surpassed all expectations, in that she saved my husband's life!

She has always recommended the PSA test for prostate cancer, and my husband has had it done for many years.  It was still within a normal range - only 3.4, when she prescribed a prostate biopsy because she was concerned that the number had moved from 2.2 last year up to 3.4 this year.  
My husband had the biopsy and cancer was discovered!  It was an aggressive form, but fortunately she spotted the problem very early, and the surgery has cured my husband completely.

Every other dr we know has freely admitted they would have missed this because 3.4 is not out of normal range.  If she had waited 6 months or a year for the next test, he'd probably have died, or at least been very sick for a long time. 

We owe her his life and will be forever grateful!!

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