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Dr. Darrick Antell
New York, NY

Rated 10 out of 10 on 07/20/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Antell & his entire staff were wonderful. I had breast augmentation in March, 2014 & couldn't be happier. He is meticulous & gave me exactly what I asked for. Healing process was smooth & everywhere I go I get compliments on how great my figure looks. I highly recommend Dr. Antell.

Dr. Ross M Campbell
Athens, GA

Rated 1 out of 10 on 07/19/14
(10 is best)

last comment added I went to Dr. Ross Campbell because I wanted 3 skin cancers removed with the Mohs method of surgery. Two of the cancers were very, very small and superficial which, if done via Mohs would have only required small, only the top layer of skin, surgery.  The third one was more questionable as to depth.

Every single thing from Dr. Campbell's website to the literature he sent me in the mail ONLY advertised that he does Mohs. No other method of surgery was ever mentioned.  However, he made NO attempt whatsoever to perform Mohs on me!  Even for the smallest, completely superficial spot he went straight for the far more drastic regular excisional surgery which I went to him to avoid!   He took FAR MORE skin width, length, and depth than was necessary.  This means I have HUGE wounds for absolutely no medical reason.  I have been in so much pain that the post-surgery day I spent half the day vomiting from pain.  I have not been able to eat and keep it down or sleep for more than moments without pain waking me up.

Dr. Campbell made dots on each arm to "outline" where he was going to cut. The areas were larger than I'd expected so I asked why.  (Of course at that point I was still expecting Mohs surgery taking only the top layer of skin.)  He said doing it that way would make the closure easier.  During the surgery I did not watch because I am very squeamish about such things.  He finished quickly then said he was sending in someone to stitch me up. I was confused. Not having looked at what he'd done, and still believing he was performing Mohs, I asked why he would stitch me up before testing the skin.  He gave me some bull about it being easier on ME.  Then he took off and I never saw him again.

I had NO IDEA until I looked down at the last sutures that the pieces of skin he actually removed were FAR LARGER than even the dots had outlined and very, very deep.  I was horrified at what he had done to me!  And for no reason escept his speed at getting to his next victim.

Dr. Campbell obviously never had any intension of performing Mohs on me, but he sure never let me in on his cruel secret.  He completely betrayed my trust. He has caused unnecessary pain, created worse wounds that will be harder to heal and take longer to heal, and will obviously leave ugly, long scars.  I HATE what he has done to me!  I would give anything to have my skin and my skin cancers back so I could find a REAL Mohs surgeon.

On Dr. Ross Campbell's website he says :"Moh's surgery will leave you with the smallest wound thus creating the best opportunity for optimal cosmetic results."  Wow!  I guess he thought I was too old and ugly to deserve that outcome - or even a choice - since he chose instead to give me the ugliest and most drastic surgery possible!

INFORMED CONSENT is what any patient deserves. Instead I got Dr. Campbell's complete lack of respect, honesty, or even basic human kindness.  He failed me on all levels. I despise him for it. Sadly I will have the scars to remind me every day of his betrayal of my trust.

Dr. Joseph E Mechanik
Englewood, CO

Rated 10 out of 10 on 07/17/14
(10 is best)

last comment added Dr. Mechanik was my second opinion. His office staff was lovely, kind and attentive. They walked me through my surgery. I received pre surgery counseling, provided me with a book with information on what to expect, how to plan my care at home, after surgery. There were risks involved with the surgery and I was concerned. Dr. Mechanik took the time to explain the risks and what his intended outcomes were. I did have a wound complication after. Dr. Mechanik helped me through the complication and I am back to running again. Thank you Dr. Mechanik! 


Dr. David M Feldman
New York, NY

Rated 10 out of 10 on 07/16/14
(10 is best)

last comment added I chose Dr. Feldman,because my Internist Dr. H. Patric Burns,chose him for me,because he thought that he would be a kind Doctor.well quite the oppisote expenece I had at his office visits.he seemed nice to me at first on April 1st.but at my second office visit he was so different. and by the third visit he was down right rude and abrasive! he also seem nice the first visit,because, this is my feelings.he told me that my left knee has a server case of arthritis,nothing I didn't know already.he continued to ask me if my left knee every buckles up,and in the same  breath,he said when will you be ready for knee replacement? in my opinion, he knew I wasn't ready for knee replacement,so he wasn't interested in me,because he couldn't make any money off me! at my last visit on June 30th he was down right rude and abrasive to me! my feeling are he didn't want me as his patient,because he couldn't make any money off of me! . that is how I honestly feel about Dr. Feldman.I am telling the honest truth about him.

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